Kenya government goes tough on terrorism as it issues shot-to-kill order on terror suspects


Kenya’s authorities on Thursday issued shoot-to-kill order on anybody found perpetrating acts of terrorism in Mombasa.

The order came amidst increased surveillance on criminals causing insecurity in the tourism resort city.

Mombasa County Commissioner, Nelson Marwa issued the orders after holding a meeting with church leaders in Mombasa and announced a similar meeting with Muslim leaders.

“We cannot arrest terrorists and take them to court, who is going to be our witness, let us be fair here, we cannot allow criminals to terrorize people, they will be shot on sight,” Marwa ordered.

The shoot-to-kill order followed Sunday church attack that left at least six worshippers killed and 17 others critically wounded in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Marwa said that the police were under firm instruction to intensify surveillance and manhunt for the gunmen behind the inhumane attack, adding that the government is finding it difficult to prosecute terror suspects.

“The terrorism challenge should bring us together not divide us.

“We have planned to meet Muslims leaders on Friday, we will host a joint meeting between a few bishops and Imams to bring about peace between the two parties.

“I appeal to Kenyans to always remember that security is a shared responsibility and citizens should cooperate with law enforcement agencies at all times,” Marwa said.


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